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Dr. C. Dale Walton

Associate Professor, International Relations
Lindenwood University
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* Understanding Modern Warfare (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2007). With David Jordan, James Kiras, David Lonsdale, Ian Speller, and Chris Tuck,     
* "The Triumph Over Illusion: William Van Cleave and the Battle against Conventional Wisdom" in Bradley Thayer, ed., American National Security Policy: Essays in Honor of William R. Van Cleave (Fairfax, VA: National Institute Press, 2007), 205-09.
* With Colin S. Gray, "Nuclear Weapons," in John Baylis, James J. Wirtz, Eliot Cohen, and Colin S. Gray, eds., Strategy in the Contemporary World: An Introduction to Strategic Studies, 2nd ed. (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2007), 209-27.
 * "An Actual Communist Threat?" and "Communism and Labor," in Robbie Lieberman, ed., The Red Scare After 1945, History in Dispute series, vol. 19 (Farmington Hills, MI: St. James Press, 2005), 2-4 and 68-70.
* With Keith B. Payne, "Deterrence: Theory and Practice," in John Baylis, Eliot Cohen, Colin S. Gray, and James J. Wirtz, eds., Strategy in the Contemporary World: An Introduction to Strategic Studies (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2002), 161-82.
* "Not Only Islamism: Great Power Politics and the Future of Terrorism," Comparative Strategy 26/1 (January-February 2007), 21-37.
* "Navigating the Second Nuclear Age: Proliferation and Deterrence in this Century," Global Dialogue 8/1 (Winter/Spring 2006), 22-31.
* "The Geography of Universal Empire: A Revolution in Strategic Perspective and Its Lessons," Comparative Strategy 24/3 (July-September 2005), 223-235.
* "The West and its Antagonists: Culture, Globalization, and the War on Terrorism," Review essay, Comparative Strategy 23/3 (July-September 2004), 303-312.
* "The Strategist in Context: Culture, the Development of Strategic Thought, and the Pursuit of Timeless Truth," Review essay, Comparative Strategy 23/1 (January-March 2004), 93-99.
* "Preserving a Culture of Liberty: American Homeland Defense and the Effective Prosecution of the War on Terrorism," Journal of the Institute of Justice and International Studies, Issue 3, 2003, 243-51.
* "Coping With Anarchy: Interstate Violence and the Character of American Foreign Policy," Review essay, Comparative Strategy 21/5 (October-December 2002), 417-27.
* "Beyond China: The Geopolitics of Eastern Eurasia," Comparative Strategy 21/3 (July-September 2002), 203-212.
* "Washington Deterred: China and American Conduct of the Vietnam War," published online by the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University
* Catastrophic Errors: Totalitarian Ideology in the Twentieth Century," Review essay, Comparative Strategy 21/2 (April-June 2002), 115-19.
* "Vietnam: Avoidable Tragedy or Prudent Endeavor?" Review essay, Comparative Strategy 19/4 (October-December 2000), 355-360.
* "The Decline of the Third Rome: Russia's Prospects as a Great Power," Journal of Slavic Military Studies 12/1 (March 1999), 51-63.
* "Europa United: The Rise of a Second Superpower and Its Effect on World Order," European Security 6/4 (Winter 1997), 44-54.
Other Works